#011 – How Bill Bishop cut a path from the Tiananmen Square Massacre to the inboxes of America's power brokers

#010 - How Luke Timmerman created the top paid newsletter in biotech

#009 – Emma Beals on life as an independent war reporter in the age of ISIS

#008 – Judd Legum wants to save democracy with Popular Information

#007 – Jessica Lessin, founder of The Information, shares how she built a thriving news business against the odds

#006 - Mara Wilson, author and former child star, on how to write about your life

#005 - Data journalist Walt Hickey's 3 commandments: write every day, deliver via email, charge

#004 – Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi discusses the state of the media, his serial Substack novel, and the furor that almost brought him down

#003 - Nick Quah tells the story of Hot Pod, the podcast industry’s biggest newsletter

#002 – How Ann Friedman built a career as an independent journalist

#001 - How Tim Urban grew Wait But Why to over 30 million readers

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